Tree Surgery

Tree Felling

We take all necessary safety precautions to ensure that all the trees are felled from the ground in a controlled environment using our specialist felling equipment.

Tree Cutting

Using specialised ropes and harnesses to access the tree and our specialist lowering equipment we dismantle the tree and remove limbs in a safe and controlled manner.

Pollard & Pruning

We take care to prune branches back to growth points either to reshape the tree or to give clearance away from buildings or fences removing all debris.

Dead Wood & Thinning Out

We can remove any dead or dying branches or we can thin out the crown centre of a tree, removing crossing branches, allowing more light into the garden or property.

Stump Removal

 We remove tree stumps using our specialist  grinding machines that can access any space and tackle any size leaving the area ready to

 re-plant or re-turf.

Tree Protection Orders

Does your tree have a Tree Protection Order? If 

your tree has a TPO, or is in a conservation area, we offer a service to complete and submit the application on your behalf.

Please note; all tree surgery is undertaken in accordance with the
British Standard B.S.3998:2010 Tree Work Recommendations.

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After Care

We provide a comprehensive clean up & debris removal service.

If you would like to keep your offcuts for logs or woodchip just let us know.

We also offer

Full Site Clearance Services for:

Forestry, Commercial, Construction and Residential Clients.

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